Sponsorship is a critical source of funding for the Galway Mountain Rescue Team. We rely heavily on the goodwill of our corporate partners to help us provide an effective service for the Irish public and visitors to our shores. Galway MRT has developed strong, mutually beneficial relationships with a variety of organisations over the years.

Sponsorship Opportunities

By building a relationship with Galway MRT you are letting the public know that your company cares about those at risk in our mountains and upland areas.

Galway MRT offers a number of partnering opportunities aimed at generating mutually-beneficial publicity and brand awareness across our various communities (local and national). Apart from making corporate donations, there are a number of other ways in which your business can publicly support our work.

Digital Marketing Partner

We are looking for digital partners to support the execution of our digital marketing programme. The key skill sets required include digital marketing, social media, web design and SEO. Contact us today at to see how your company can support our digital marketing efforts.

Media Partner

We are looking for companies to support our local and national media campaigns (print and radio). Contact us today at to see how your company can support our media campaigns.

Fundraising Partner

We have many fun ways for you and your colleagues to get involved with Galway Mountain Rescue. We are always looking for motivated, fun and energetic employees in offices all across the country to help in our fundraising efforts. Contact us today at to see how your company can support our fund raising efforts.

Education/ Training Partner

If you are in the business of providing professional specialist training to emergency services or would simply like to sponsor a specific training initiative please contact us today at Some of the training programs you could sponsor include:

  • First Aid and Casualty Care
  • Rope/ Technical Rescue
  • Off-Road Driving
  • Search Management
  • Mountain Leader Training

Specialist Equipment Partner

We offer a wide range of packages in relation to the sponsorship of our specialist search and rescue equipment. Here are some of the things we require sponsorship for:

  • Operations Base
  • Team Vehicles
  • ICT Systems and Equipment
  • Stretchers
  • Personal Hill Gear
  • First Aid Supplies
  • Rope Rescue Equipment

Charity of the Year

Does your company nominate a Charity of the Year each year? If so, we would be delighted to be considered as your Charity of the Year. We can work with your Charity Committee to develop a programme of fundraising and volunteering for the year ahead. We would be happy to come in and meet with you to discuss all of your options. For more information, contact